About us

Model design or Maketudizains designs and constructs scale models of various types including architectural, town planning, manufacturing prototypes, theater stage models and interior. We create models to meet whatever purpose intended – from planning commisions, architect and contractor meetings, project construction technical verification, design competitions and real estate operations.

We have experience in creating convertible architectural models which show all interior structure by floors as well as detailed interior models with specific furniture type, layout and coloring. Our long year experience and the use of professional equipment like CNC cutter, plotters and lazer technology guarantees excelence many architects have commended.

Our staff consist of people who have studied in architecture and design based fields and understand how a building or construction works in real life and therefore can professionaly select the most appropriate materials and techniques.

We work with a wide variety of materials which include plastic, organic glass, clearglass, adhesive film, raw materials, composite materials, paper, cardboard, wood and plywood, metal etc.

Each model is treated with individual regard from communication with the client to designing primary sketch of selection of materials to reporting progress with in-process photos to delivering the model to your doorstep.